Deborah Bronk
President & CEO
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

David Baltensperger
Crop Science Society of America
Texas A&M University

Robert Barsley
American Academy of Forensic Sciences
LSU School of Dentistry

Berry H. (Nick) Tew, Jr.
American Geosciences Institute
Geological Survey of Alabama

Susan Weller
Entomological Society of America
University of Nebraska


Malcolm Butler
Association for Science Teacher Education
University of Central Florida

Nadia Caidi
Association for Information Sciences & Technology
University of Toronto

Michael A. Grusak
Crop Science Society of America
USDA, Agricultural Research Service

Donna Nelson
American Chemical Society
University of Oklahoma

Robert Twilley
Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation
Louisiana State University

Ethics/Legal Advisor
Hon. Haskell Pitluck (Ret)
American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Director of R&D; President Emeritus
Martin Apple
American Institute of Chemists

Alumni Member
Sharon Mosher
American Geosciences Institute
The University of Texas at Austin

CSSP Executive Board 2018

CSSP 2018 Board of Directors (from left): Haskell Pitluck, Bob Barsley, Donna Nelson, Robert Twilley, Debbie Bronk, David Baltensperger, Susan Weller, Michael A. Grusak, Malcolm Butler, Nadia Caidi. Not pictured: Martin Apple, Sharon Mosher and Nick Tew.

Photo Credit: Cindy Reed Paska

WASHINGTON, DC. – The Council of Scientific Society Presidents has announced that Dr. Deborah A. Bronk has been elected Chair of the Executive Committee, effective January 1, 2018. Dr. Bronk is a past president of the Association for Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography. She is also the newly minted President and CEO of Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. Dr. Bronk attributes a portion of her growth toward this position to many of the lessons she learned from her attendance at CSSP semi-annual meetings.

The former Moses D. Nunnally Distinguished Professor of Marine Science and Department Chair in the Department of Physical Sciences at the College of William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), Dr. Bronk will serve as Chair through 2018.

She received her undergraduate degree in biology and marine science at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, and her doctorate at the University of Maryland. Prior to her move to VIMS, she was a post-doctoral scholar at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an associate professor at the University of Georgia. Her research group has addressed a broad range of basic questions of nitrogen uptake and regeneration and applied questions including coastal eutrophication and wastewater issues. She has participated in or led over 50 research cruises to environments spanning the salinity spectrum. She is the recipient of the Lindeman Award and the Dean’s Prize for the Advancement of Women in Science.

Also elected to the Executive Committee as Chair-Elect is David D. Baltensperger, A past president of Crop Science Society of America, Baltensperger is Professor and Head of the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Texas A & M. He has been a Fellow at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Crop Science Society of America, and American Society of Agronomy, as well as having received  the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement,  and the Gamma Sigma Delta Research Award. Baltensperger will serve as Chair of the Awards nomination committee in 2018, and as CSSP Board Chair in 2019

The Council of Scientific Society Presidents is a unique organization representing the breadth of science and engineering research disciplines through its member societies and federations. CSSP member societies are represented by their presidents, presidents-elect, and recent past presidents of leading scientific societies and federations whose combined membership is over a million.

Founded in 1973, CSSP has served as a center for national science leadership development, a strong voice in support of science, and the premier forum for national science policy development and open, substantive exchanges on current issues encompassing the full spectrum of science, engineering, and mathematics. CSSP is committed to “Advancing Leadership in Science and Technology” and to establishing policies and programs that will ensure a bright future for 21st century science