Bayer (CSSP Platinum Sponsor)

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. Bayer’s Crop Science division is the third largest innovative agricultural input company in the world and has businesses in high-value seeds, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control.

Advancing health and nutrition is what we do best and care most about at Bayer. Strengthening our position in agriculture accelerates the pursuit of our purpose: Science for a better life. Together, we’re shaping agriculture to benefit farmers, consumers and our planet.

Bringing together biology, chemistry and digital tools, we’re accelerating innovation. Across more than 35 research sites and more than 175 breeding sites, we invest more in research and development than any other company in the industry.

Cotton, Inc (CSSP Silver Sponsor)

Cotton Incorporated is the Research and Promotion Company for Cotton.

As a not-for-profit, Cotton Incorporated does not manufacturer or sell any products. Instead it conducts research to benefit every link on the cotton supply chain and develops promotions that encourage the use and desirability of cotton and cotton products.

Cotton Incorporated was founded in 1970 in response to synthetic textile fibers’ encroachment on cotton’s market share. Since that time, the company has addressed this challenge and others through a range of diverse activities aimed to make cotton: more profitable for growers, and a preferred fiber choice for manufacturers, brands and consumers. In the process, the Company has become recognized as a global authority and resource for all things cotton.

The cotton industry is committed to researching and promoting environmentally-viable solutions that help secure the future of cotton and the planet. Sustainability permeates the corporate culture of Cotton Incorporated and is a primary focus of its initiatives.

Texas A&M University (CSSP Silver Sponsor)

Texas A&M opened its doors in 1876 as the Texas’ first public institution of higher learning. Today, it stand as a research-intensive flagship university dedicated to sending Aggie leaders out into the world prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Texas A&M University is dedicated to the discovery, development, communication, and application of knowledge in a wide range of academic and professional fields. Its mission of providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate programs is inseparable from its mission of developing new understandings through research and creativity. It prepares students to assume roles in leadership, responsibility and service to society. Texas A&M assumes as its historic trust the maintenance of freedom of inquiry and an intellectual environment nurturing the human mind and spirit. It welcomes and seeks to serve persons of all racial, ethnic and geographic groups as it addresses the needs of an increasingly diverse population and a global economy. In the 21st century, Texas A&M University seeks to assume a place of preeminence among public universities while respecting its history and traditions.

Association Innovation & Management (CSSP Bronze Sponsor)

Beginning in 1989 through work at the International Management Group (IMG) and later at the Association and Development Group (ADG), the professional AIM leadership has progressively expanded capabilities that currently enable AIM to offer a complete and broad range of services. In the process, AIM has built a solid and diversified foundation to enhance future growth and cultivate further innovation. We are proud of our long-term relationships with our partners and our track record of service excellence and success.

The Council of Scientific Society Presidents

The Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) is a unique organization representing the breadth of science and engineering research disciplines through its member societies and federations. CSSP member societies are represented by their presidents, presidents-elect, and recent past presidents of leading scientific societies and federations whose combined membership is over one million.

Founded in 1973, CSSP has served as a center for national science leadership development, a strong voice in support of science, and the premier forum for national science policy development and open, substantive exchanges on current issues encompassing the full spectrum of science, engineering, and mathematics. CSSP is committed to “Advancing Leadership in Science and Technology” and to establishing policies and programs that will ensure a bright future for 21st century science.

CSSP provides its members ready access to the top research and education leadership nationwide. The organization’s nimble structure provides for a high degree of involvement and participation by its members in debates, task forces, committees, publications, and projects. CSSP seeks its members’ spectrum of views and consensus on major issues affecting its constituent communities. National leaders from government, universities, industry, non-governmental organizations, and the media also seek CSSP’s views.