At the May 2015 CSSP Meeting, members learned about new ways to communicate science to broader audiences.

At the December 2018 CSSP Workshop, CSSP President Emeritus, Martin Apple talks with ASLO President-Elect, Roxane Maranger. Photo Credit: CSSP

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Founded in 1973, the Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) has served as a center for national science leadership development, a strong voice in support of science in the nation’s capital; a forum for national science policy development through open, substantive exchanges on current issues encompassing the full spectrum of science, engineering, and mathematics to ensure a bright future for 21st century science.

A unique organization, CSSP represents the breadth of STEM research disciplines through its member societies, affiliates and federations. CSSP member societies of all sizes are represented by their presidents, presidents
-elect, and past presidents whose combined membership represents scientists and science educators nationally and internationally.


  • To perpetually enhance leadership skill development in the community of scientific societies
  • To cultivate an enduring network of national leaders in all areas of science and technology, united in support of all science, and working to improve the nation’s science and technology policy
  • To be a resource for government and industry on emerging and pressing science and educational issues of national importance


CSSP Affiliates have full access to CSSP activities and information, along with adding their voice to the collective scientific voices of CSSP in its support of a strong scientific establishment.

As members, CSSP Institutional Affiliates represent their institutions at meetings, meet the leaders in science and science education, exchange views with key policy makers in academe, industry, and government
to support effective and strong development for science leaders of the future.


  • Leadership development and executive peer-coaching during twice annual workshops
  • Professional growth through networking with unique peer group of multi-disciplinary science leaders from a wide geographic range
  • Peer-coaching on effective advocacy processes when visiting the Hill
  • Networking across the full spectrum of scientific and technology disciplines
  • Real time advice on societal best practices (e.g., hiring executive directors, sexual harassment policies, etc) as they arise, ensuring a successful presidency


  • CSSP introduced the need for a permanent Presidential Science Advisor; assisted with design for the Office of Science Technology Policy and was engaged in the legislation creating it.
  • CSSP led its members in formalizing shared ethical standards for scientific societies designed to achieve a collective goal of promoting ethical conduct. CSSP has also worked on Climate Engineering ethics and principles.
  • CSSP participated in the creation of the Advanced Research Policy Agency-Energy office. ARPA-E is directed by a Department of Energy Undersecretary ($300M/y).
  • CSSP conceived the Office of Science Advisor to the Secretary of State, which was supported by the Secretary of State and created over Congressional reluctance.
  • CSSP developed the first annual scorecard for the level of Presidential budget support of university, basic and applied science research across federal agencies.
  • CSSP has engaged in ongoing dialog with, and advised the top ranking Cabinet, or sub-Cabinet member of science-intensive Federal Departments and Agencies.
  • CSSP brings together the leaders of scientific societies and science-intensive agencies with Nobel Laureates, National Medal of Science awardees, and other world-renowned frontier thinkers on all topics that are critical to our scientific future.

Committed to advancing leadership in science and technology and to establishing policies and programs that will ensure a bright future for 21st century science, The Council, a non-profit organization, is supported by contributions from the supporting societies, institutes, and tax-deductible donations. CSSP is the Leader in Leadership Development in Science.


Former scientific society leaders may also join as CSSP Alumni. Dues are $100 annually and enable alumni to receive ongoing newsletters, information, and member-rate registration fees to CSSP meetings.

CSSP is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. EIN 52-1085762