Advancing Leadership in Science & Technology
At the May 2015 CSSP Meeting, members learned about new ways to communicate science to broader audiences.

At the May 2015 CSSP Meeting, members learned about new ways to communicate science to broader audiences.
Erik Herzog – Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Photo Credit: Peter Cutts

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The Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP) is a unique organization representing the breadth of science and engineering research disciplines through its member societies and federations.

CSSP member societies are represented by their presidents, president-elects, and recent past presidents of leading scientific societies and federations whose combined membership is over one million. Founded in 1973, CSSP has served as a center for national science leadership development, a strong voice in support of science, and the premier forum for national science policy development and open, substantive exchanges on current issues encompassing the full spectrum of science, engineering, and mathematics.  CSSP is committed to “Advancing Leadership in Science and Technology” and to establishing policies and programs that will ensure a bright future for 21st century science.

CSSP provides its members ready access to the top research and education leadership nationwide. The CSSP meetings are a unique opportunity for current and rising leaders in scientific and professional societies to hear and learn from scientific pioneers, top political and thought leaders, and leadership experts.

Only CSSP brings together leaders from the full gamut of scientific and engineering research disciplines with outstanding thinkers and visionaries. In the area of advocacy, CSSP continues its long-standing collaborations with numerous other science and technology coalitions in coalition-building and advocacy. CSSP has a long history of accomplishments.

For example, we:

  • Designed the Office of Science Technology Policy and sponsored a meeting with the U.S. President that resulted in its creation.
  • Led the creation of the Advanced Research Policy Agency-Energy office.
  • Were the first scientific body in the world to issue a statement of principles on the ethics of human cloning, a precautionary approach that has been adopted worldwide. It is now working on Climate Engineering ethics and principles.
  • Held the first Supreme Court of Science (Wingspread Center) to develop a decision ending six decades of debate on safe ionizing radiation standards, which were most recently applied to protect Japanese citizens from the Fukushima disaster.
  • Annually engage in ongoing dialog with key members of Congress and federal agencies.
  • Bring together leaders of scientific societies and science intensive agencies with dozens of Nobel Laureates, National Medal of Science awardees, and other world renowned frontier thinkers on all topics that are critical to our scientific future.
  • Earned the top, 5-star rating recognized as Best Non-Profit in 2010 from the Guidestar Group, which tracks more than one million U.S. non-profits.

CSSP is supported by dues and contributions from the supporting societies and contributions from Institutional Affiliates, on a tiered basis.

Institutional Affiliates: NYSERNet
University of Texas at Austin

Former scientific society leaders may also join as CSSP Alumni. Dues are $75 annually and enable alumni to receive ongoing newsletters, information, and member-rate registration fees to CSSP meetings.

CSSP is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. EIN 52-1085762